Death & Eternal Oblivion

Sometimes, when I wake up after a deep, dreamless sleep, I think, "Thanks for the free sample of nothingness, asshole." I'm not sure who the "asshole" is directed toward. Old habits from my God worshiping days, perhaps. I miss God sometimes; God gives us something to scream at. Thinking about eternal oblivion the second you … Continue reading Death & Eternal Oblivion

Living with the Void (Meaning & Mental Illness)

Buddhism doesn't have a monopoly on emptiness. When it sailed across the Pacific and set up shop in the West, it found itself in a land with its own views and temperaments toward absence. To keep the dialogue going, we can't just bring Zen to the West, we also have to bring the West to … Continue reading Living with the Void (Meaning & Mental Illness)

Niutou Farong on Meditation

I recently translated Farong's Xin Ming (Song of Mind). Unlike the Xinxin Ming, I'm not gonna post that one online, because I'm probably gonna put them both in a book, and I've been told that it's unwise to blog everything you're putting in a book since then people have no reason to buy it haha. … Continue reading Niutou Farong on Meditation

Emptiness as Procedure, Sudden & Gradual Awakening, Advaita & Zen

Yeah, I know... not the catchiest of titles. But, this is an exhausting post, so I figured I'd just lay it all out there. I'm gonna start with the conclusion by saying that you can just skip all of this if you 1) Wish all beings well, and help out however you can, 2) Don't … Continue reading Emptiness as Procedure, Sudden & Gradual Awakening, Advaita & Zen