The Faceless Bell-Ringing Monk (Fiction)

Wei’ling was an off-the-map village in ancient China, but it had one feature that set it apart: the silent, faceless, bell-ringing monk. The movement gradually formed over several months. It all started one morning when, out of the blue, a slight monk walked slowly through town, striking a small bell every tenth step. The monk’s […]

Hsin Hsin Ming 2 (With Commentary)

For part one, head over here. 2 Do not chase fleeting existence,Do not remain in enduring emptiness Carry in your heart the one peaceful seedAnd certainly perishing will exhaust itself Halt stirring emotions to return to stillnessAnd stillness with further fill with stirring emotions If you rest in either alone,How will you know the one […]

A Zen Take on Bipolar Disorder

Depressed… depressed… depressed… (Someone makes me laugh)… Hypomanic… hypomanic… hypomanic… manic… manic… Cue cough, anxiety, and the delusion that I’m dying of cancer… panic… panic… burnout… depressed… depressed… depressed… Haha! That’s a great meme… hypomanic…. hypomanic… hypomanic…  That’s a basic glimpse of my daily reality. I have Bipolar Disorder III, aka, Cyclothymia. I don’t have episodes, really. I’m always rapid cycling […]

Why Do Buddhists Say That Everything’s Unreal?

From the get-go, Buddhists have been throwing the word “Unreal” around like it’s a Frisbee and we’re a bunch of hipster university students. And for everyone who grazes the topic, there are scores of seasoned practitioners lecturing them to hunker down and study/practice. But it’s not a topic to ignore since it’s at the heart […]