Zen vs Chan: Similarities & Differences

Overall, Zen and Chan have two entirely different vibes. The best way I can describe it is: Zen is like a paved road, Chan is like a dirt path. Zen is clean and smells like a crisp autumn morning, Chan is earthy and smells like rain.

Grounding: Feet & Hands

If you find yourself out of sorts, meaning if you find yourself conscious, it's helpful to keep your feet on the ground---literally. Our hands and feet are our main instruments in this fly by night half-assed symphony we call ordinary life. Our feet take us everywhere, they help us navigate through our surroundings. They carry … Continue reading Grounding: Feet & Hands

The Faceless Bell-Ringing Monk (Fiction)

Wei'ling was an off-the-map village in ancient China, but it had one feature that set it apart: the silent, faceless, bell-ringing monk. The movement gradually formed over several months. It all started one morning when, out of the blue, a slight monk walked slowly through town, striking a small bell every tenth step. The monk's … Continue reading The Faceless Bell-Ringing Monk (Fiction)

The Emptiness of Thought

Tanchui once asked Master Farong, "I feel trapped in my life, trapped by these cyclic afflictions. Please, help me break free." Farong replied, "Who is binding you?" After a pause, "No one is binding me." "Where are your chains? Where is the cell?" "There aren't any shackles, and there isn't a cell." "Then how can … Continue reading The Emptiness of Thought

Try Being No One for a Day

The second we wake up, all of our yesterdays come flooding in, swiftly followed by our tomorrows.  We crawl out of bed and into our roles and labels. We pick up our suitcase of views and beliefs that we'd tucked in the night before. We carry our lingering feelings to the bathroom, coffee pot, fridge, … Continue reading Try Being No One for a Day

Hsin Hsin Ming 2 (With Commentary)

For part one, head over here. 2 Do not chase fleeting existence,Do not remain in enduring emptiness Carry in your heart the one peaceful seedAnd certainly perishing will exhaust itself Halt stirring emotions to return to stillnessAnd stillness with further fill with stirring emotions If you rest in either alone,How will you know the one … Continue reading Hsin Hsin Ming 2 (With Commentary)