The Heart of Enlightenment

The heart of enlightenment is twofold: Clear seeing and complete understanding. These two are really not two; they depend on each other. If there's clear seeing without complete understanding, then that's like a person hallucinating the full moon on a new moon night. They might see the moon clearly with all of its canyons and … Continue reading The Heart of Enlightenment

Lay Buddhism #2

"What a fuckin' dumbass," I think aloud after reading a fellow Buddhist's post on Facebook. I want to type that as a reply; I want it with every fiber of my being. Instead, I just click away from the conversation. Wouldn't it be awesome if real life was like that? If we could just block … Continue reading Lay Buddhism #2

Lean On Me (At Your Own Risk)

"You're my rock," she said to me as we stood draped in a powerful embrace. Culture tells me that I should feel gladdened and honored; I should cherish the fact that I'm so important to someone. Her admission should make me feel strong, capable, and loved. Our culture is stupid. Beneath her heartfelt conveyance, I … Continue reading Lean On Me (At Your Own Risk)