Timeless Truth

Time has no hold over what is true. That's the basic teaching. Buddhadharma asks us to set aside fleeting and fairweather truths, and to turn around and look at what remains when we're no longer grasping at a single thing. During meditation, if something's marked by dissatisfaction, we forget it. If something's marked by impermanence, … Continue reading Timeless Truth

How the West Fudges the Three Marks of Existence

The Three Marks of Existence are the backbone of Vipassana meditation, and they're one of the tenets that set Buddhism apart from Jainism and Hinduism.  The Three Marks are suffering, impermanence, and not-self. Cheery, right? Basically, life is marked by suffering because everything that appears disappears (impermanence). If we're not privy to this disappearing act, … Continue reading How the West Fudges the Three Marks of Existence

Buddhism Explained via Space-Time (Teaching)

Space-time. Buddhism. Why not? We can easily take the Three Marks (Suffering, impermanence, not-self) and adapt them to that model. Whenever we view something as separate from space-time, there's suffering. When we view things as isolated from space-time, we make them into something very small and fragile. A person is tiny and short-lived. But space-time … Continue reading Buddhism Explained via Space-Time (Teaching)