My Actual Practice: Sitting with the Void

I share a lot of methods and views around here, but most of them are things I've tried out to make sure they aren't toxic before passing them along. After each experiment, I go back to my practice.  "Why don't you just practice like a normal person instead of running off into la-la land?" Great … Continue reading My Actual Practice: Sitting with the Void

Emptiness: Don’t Get Carried Away

It's easy to get carried away with emptiness. I've met a lot of emptiness fanatics trolling the FB Buddha halls. I used to call them Zen Bastards, but I try not to be such an insufferable prick these days. But emptiness fixation is a very real danger. It can suck you into some pretty desolate … Continue reading Emptiness: Don’t Get Carried Away

Is Anger Ever Appropriate?

"So I'm gonna abandon meta-blogging for a second and speak directly to you, the Reader," he types in the blank space that WordPress has provided him. He giggles at the paradox that's just presented itself and moves on. "Anger and hatred are fuel. They motivate us to act, but they burn hot so they can't … Continue reading Is Anger Ever Appropriate?