Why Are Samsara & Nirvana the Same?

Samsara is cycles and patterns our minds get stuck in; nirvana is the absence of those cycles and patterns. With samsara, we tend to live on autopilot at the mercy of conditioning. "If x happens, then perform y. If x doesn't happen, then don't perform y." We sacrifice everything that's original and true to use … Continue reading Why Are Samsara & Nirvana the Same?

Samsara is Conditioning

I was sitting there, doing some Silent Thinking, and then the thoughts no longer seemed attached to their meanings.  Meaning seemed to precede thought, like how the urge to say something precedes the words, or how wind precedes waves. For a moment, the thoughts dropped and there was only meaning---thoughts without symbols; literally silent thought. … Continue reading Samsara is Conditioning

Impermanence & the Buddha Placebo

All the world's adrift, like an empty boat on an endless sea. And not just the world. Galaxies. Universes. Cells. Even black holes. All that moves in time and space. It's not a wild drift. It turns like a clock face, perpetuating an uninterrupted cycle of rise, stabilize, decline, dissolve and re-arising. Inside and out … Continue reading Impermanence & the Buddha Placebo