I Can See Clearly Now That Dharma’s Gone

I used to think I'd eventually stumble on some paradigm or insight and think, "This is it!" and it, ya know, actually be it. Now, it's apparent that that's never gonna be the case. Views are tools, and even a truth is only as valuable as it is useful. I'm a syncretist. I go deep … Continue reading I Can See Clearly Now That Dharma’s Gone

The Heart of Enlightenment

The heart of enlightenment is twofold: Clear seeing and complete understanding. These two are really not two; they depend on each other. If there's clear seeing without complete understanding, then that's like a person hallucinating the full moon on a new moon night. They might see the moon clearly with all of its canyons and … Continue reading The Heart of Enlightenment

Lay Buddhism #2

"What a fuckin' dumbass," I think aloud after reading a fellow Buddhist's post on Facebook. I want to type that as a reply; I want it with every fiber of my being. Instead, I just click away from the conversation. Wouldn't it be awesome if real life was like that? If we could just block … Continue reading Lay Buddhism #2

Emptiness: Don’t Get Carried Away

It's easy to get carried away with emptiness. I've met a lot of emptiness fanatics trolling the FB Buddha halls. I used to call them Zen Bastards, but I try not to be such an insufferable prick these days. But emptiness fixation is a very real danger. It can suck you into some pretty desolate … Continue reading Emptiness: Don’t Get Carried Away