New Blog for the Poetry Fans

So, John's Mind is no longer going to be John's Mind. Since the content around here is pretty much split between non-fiction Buddhist whatnots and poetry, I've made another blog for all my non-Buddhist writing. This is because I'm not a fan of proselytizing. Also, if you dig poetry---but not Buddhism---why not just give you … Continue reading New Blog for the Poetry Fans

Growing A Soul

Souls aren't given, they are cultivated, They're nourished, assembled, wound, Woven, and stitched. They're painted, They're written---they are composed, Performed, danced, and sung. People aren't born until they Give birth to themselves The wet birth is the Exchange of the embryo From the mother's womb To the womb of the world, To which so many … Continue reading Growing A Soul

Question to Readers: Do You Want More Poetry?

It seems, strangely, that my poems get more likes and views than anything else I write. This is peculiar since I was under the impression that people don't dig poetry anymore. Do you prefer my poems to prose? If so, I can definitely write more poems here expressing whatever points I usually make in prose … Continue reading Question to Readers: Do You Want More Poetry?