I Can See Clearly Now That Dharma’s Gone

I used to think I'd eventually stumble on some paradigm or insight and think, "This is it!" and it, ya know, actually be it. Now, it's apparent that that's never gonna be the case. Views are tools, and even a truth is only as valuable as it is useful. I'm a syncretist. I go deep … Continue reading I Can See Clearly Now That Dharma’s Gone

Growing A Soul

Souls aren't given, they are cultivated, They're nourished, assembled, wound, Woven, and stitched. They're painted, They're written---they are composed, Performed, danced, and sung. People aren't born until they Give birth to themselves The wet birth is the Exchange of the embryo From the mother's womb To the womb of the world, To which so many … Continue reading Growing A Soul

Mindfulness of Death is Liberation

I've met a lot of brilliant people. Most of them are unaware that they're brilliant, unaware that they're special. Most of them are victims of mediocrity, their natural shine disregarded unless it can make someone else money. So, they abandon their dreams because keeping them alive causes too much suffering, too much dissatisfaction when they … Continue reading Mindfulness of Death is Liberation

Smiling Nihilism: Life is Pointless

I'm all about finding a variety of ways to help alleviate suffering and promote joy and clarity. Buddhism has been the most suitable vehicle I've found for that so far, but there are many others; nihilism being one of them. Nihilism has been given a bad wrap over the years, and nihilists themselves are partly … Continue reading Smiling Nihilism: Life is Pointless