Enlightenment Isn’t Complicated

"When the sun sets in the west, does it appear or disappear?" She paused for a moment, staring at me like I was an idiot. She's probably right. "Disappears." "When the sun sets in the West, does it come into existence or cease to exist?" After a genuinely thoughtful pause, she replied, "Neither." "Why?" "Because … Continue reading Enlightenment Isn’t Complicated

Big Sky Mind

The confused try to clear the sky of clouds, but it's the aversion to clouds that they should be trying to clear. The greatest obstacle to seeing the Way is despising one's ignorance. Trying to escape the confusion only adds more confusion to it. Like a Chinese Finger Trap, if you try to pull out … Continue reading Big Sky Mind

How Did Our Minds Get So Screwed Up?

The noteworthy problem that kick starts all of our other problems isn't all that problematic in the long run. It's a simple mistake made by all sentient beings to some extent. The issue is that we base our identities in unstable hands---namely our own. It starts with perception, when the mind perceives the figure (Gestalts, … Continue reading How Did Our Minds Get So Screwed Up?

Buddhism is Mysticism

So the Buddhadharma, including early pragmatic Buddhism, is a type of mysticism. In the Theravada Meets Mahayana post, I fiddled with the peripheral of this subject. I'll dive deeper into its cavernous depths here. Mysticism, as Evelyn Underhill saw it, is all about Oneness (or Not Two-ness, as they say in Zen). It's realizing that … Continue reading Buddhism is Mysticism