Switching Off the Movie

So first, using either faith or reason, we move our emphasis from what's happening to what is, from the seen to the seeing until, for a moment, we only know that seeing, what is. That's not a time to settle, but to double our efforts until enlightenment spits us back out into the world.

Spud Zen: Enlightenment & Potatoes

I posted on FB yesterday, "If I made a Zen school whose view was, 'Everything's a potato,' would anyone be interested?" It was a joke, of course. But I'm a serious joker.  Zen is, beneath all the various labels, about nonduality. Taoism, older Mahayana schools, Advaita Vedanta, and even some theistic religions deal with nonduality … Continue reading Spud Zen: Enlightenment & Potatoes

The Heart Sutra, Beaches & Castles

The Heart Sutra is one of the most Buddhisty Buddhist texts, and it's one of the cornerstones of Zen. It's one of the shortest Sutras ever written because it's kind of a summary of all the various Prajnaparamita scriptures (including the Diamond Sutra). It's a popular part of Zen liturgies and serves as a nice … Continue reading The Heart Sutra, Beaches & Castles

How to Love Without Fear

Everything we do, we do for love. We eat certain foods because we love them, or we love what they do for us (keep us alive); we avoid others because they negate what we love. Hate, frustration, fear, sorrow, grief, envy, and jealousy: these emotions arise when something we love and enjoy is emptied out … Continue reading How to Love Without Fear

If the I is Just A Thought, Then Who’s the Thinker?

If the mind is like a cloth, and all experiences (including the experience of self) are folds and wrinkles in it, then who's folding the cloth? This is what we identify with, ya know? If we just identified as a fold---a product of the mind---from the get-go, then there'd be no problem. Instead, this fold … Continue reading If the I is Just A Thought, Then Who’s the Thinker?