Is the Mind Different From the Brain?

What a weird fuckin' question, right? I mean, who even asks things like that? Like most unasked questions, it's somewhat important. No one really knows what the mind is, isn't that strange? Even scientists don't really know. We know shit tons about the brain, and we know that the mind is related to the brain, … Continue reading Is the Mind Different From the Brain?

Big Sky Mind

The confused try to clear the sky of clouds, but it's the aversion to clouds that they should be trying to clear. The greatest obstacle to seeing the Way is despising one's ignorance. Trying to escape the confusion only adds more confusion to it. Like a Chinese Finger Trap, if you try to pull out … Continue reading Big Sky Mind

The Heart of Enlightenment

The heart of enlightenment is twofold: Clear seeing and complete understanding. These two are really not two; they depend on each other. If there's clear seeing without complete understanding, then that's like a person hallucinating the full moon on a new moon night. They might see the moon clearly with all of its canyons and … Continue reading The Heart of Enlightenment