I Feel Like I’m Dying

I find myself strained, Dear Reader. Lost at sea now for almost a week. The stresses of last year finally hit me after a short jog on Saturday. Elated for a moment, my dysfunctional brain interpreted the adrenaline as a fight or flight situation. And my immune system decided that my body was the threat, … Continue reading I Feel Like I’m Dying

Journey to the Loony Bin {Part Three}

"So, I just sat there for hours and hours---waiting. Nothing ever happened; the train never came." Her arms were wrapped from shoulder to wrist. We sat there in the common area displaying our war-wounds; battle-scars accumulated in the struggle against ourselves. "I found out later that those tracks had been abandoned for years." Like any … Continue reading Journey to the Loony Bin {Part Three}

A Lineage of Suffering

I belong to a lineage of suffering. It stretches far, far back into pre-history. This lineage is defined by depression, anxiety, obsessions, delusions, and hallucinations. It's a lineage of mental illness. It's passed down through families, and actualized through experiences. I have cyclothymia, also called Bipolar Disorder III. Well, that's the diagnosis anyway and it … Continue reading A Lineage of Suffering