What’s the Best Attitude for Meditation?

The Sutras often ask us to have a maternal attitude toward things, including meditation. Approaching meditation with a stern, analytical, or goal-oriented mindset is as counterproductive as nodding off or daydreaming—maybe even more so. Goal-oriented meditating can fool us into thinking we get it when we really don’t. Really, that thought, “I get it!” is […]

A Zen Christmas: Seven Tips for Surviving the Holiday

I probably should’ve written about this sooner considering that many of you are probably necks-deep in the holiday deluge by now, but here we go anyway. Christmas is great. Well, ideally it’s great. The prototype for Christmas is of happy kids, good food, and a harmonious gathering with family. But it’s called an ideal for a reason. […]

Balancing the Scales: Guanyin, Meditation, & Bipolar Disorder

Sometimes, I forget that I have bipolar disorder. Sometimes the shifts and swings are so gradual and nuanced, so smoothed out by practice that I don’t even notice them. Other times, well, they’re front and center. They rampage, they grip me like a vice. Monday night was great. I was up, I felt so energized […]