How We Get Lost in BS

Another way to approach emptiness and mind-only is as attribution-only, or situation-only. Social psychologist penned the term, "Fundamental attribution error," to describe a phenomenon in which we project attributes onto a person's character without taking the situation into account. On the other hand, if we do the same thing they did, we tend to write … Continue reading How We Get Lost in BS

Four Noble Truths of the Heart-Mind

How many times can we keep digging up these dusty old bones for perusal? A lot, apparently. The Dharma is the gift that looks different each time you look at it. Not because it is, but because we are. Sitting around, doing nothing, the Four Truths popped back up again---only this time as the present … Continue reading Four Noble Truths of the Heart-Mind

Impermanence & the Buddha Placebo

All the world's adrift, like an empty boat on an endless sea. And not just the world. Galaxies. Universes. Cells. Even black holes. All that moves in time and space. It's not a wild drift. It turns like a clock face, perpetuating an uninterrupted cycle of rise, stabilize, decline, dissolve and re-arising. Inside and out … Continue reading Impermanence & the Buddha Placebo