What Makes A Buddha?

It's like a recipe for a cannibal's main course: the poet's eye, the philosopher's tongue, the farmer's nose, the warrior's spirit, and the healer's heart. When all of these traits appear together, then this body is the Buddha. The Poet's Eye The poet's eye spots the relationship between things. It can follow words back to … Continue reading What Makes A Buddha?

No More Awakenings

Enlightenment looms, both the carrot and the stick. Why do we chase all these euphoria dreams? Since I read Taking the Path of Zen five years ago until now, I've never rinsed the taste of awakening out of mouth. It's everywhere, in every book. Kenshos, insights, those moments of "seeing the light." The only thing … Continue reading No More Awakenings

Impermanence & the Buddha Placebo

All the world's adrift, like an empty boat on an endless sea. And not just the world. Galaxies. Universes. Cells. Even black holes. All that moves in time and space. It's not a wild drift. It turns like a clock face, perpetuating an uninterrupted cycle of rise, stabilize, decline, dissolve and re-arising. Inside and out … Continue reading Impermanence & the Buddha Placebo