Every Book is About Buddhism

It's been said before by... someone that when you're studying the Dharma, any book will do. I once experienced the teachings firsthand while reading the Samdhinirmocana Sutra; attachment's relationship to dukkha as well. I was sitting at the kitchen table, studying, and I accidentally spilled a cup of tea on the Sutra. The pages were … Continue reading Every Book is About Buddhism

Buddhism is Mysticism

So the Buddhadharma, including early pragmatic Buddhism, is a type of mysticism. In the Theravada Meets Mahayana post, I fiddled with the peripheral of this subject. I'll dive deeper into its cavernous depths here. Mysticism, as Evelyn Underhill saw it, is all about Oneness (or Not Two-ness, as they say in Zen). It's realizing that … Continue reading Buddhism is Mysticism

Emptiness: Don’t Get Carried Away

It's easy to get carried away with emptiness. I've met a lot of emptiness fanatics trolling the FB Buddha halls. I used to call them Zen Bastards, but I try not to be such an insufferable prick these days. But emptiness fixation is a very real danger. It can suck you into some pretty desolate … Continue reading Emptiness: Don’t Get Carried Away