The Present Moment & Emptiness

When we talk about emptiness, we're talking about the present moment as well. The present is always empty of everything but itself, its nature---which is our nature too. It's empty of thought, because the second we finish a complete thought, the moment has already gone through dozens of transformations. Whenever something changes, that's the moment … Continue reading The Present Moment & Emptiness

Bodhidharma and Emptiness

"Vast emptiness, nothing holy." With that single line, Bodhidharma destroyed the universe. He toppled everything, even Buddhism---even the message and the words themselves. To the untrained eye, it might seem like he was inviting us into nihilism. Which is fine, really, nihilism has a lot of great points if you approach it skillfully. If you … Continue reading Bodhidharma and Emptiness

Emptiness is Nakedness

I sure do talk about emptiness a lot, don't I? That's because it's a big subject; I like approaching big subjects from several different angles. Also, not everyone even agrees on what emptiness is, or even if it is at all. Aren't people weird? The Madhyamakins believed that emptiness was emptiness of essence, that all … Continue reading Emptiness is Nakedness

How to Love Without Fear

Everything we do, we do for love. We eat certain foods because we love them, or we love what they do for us (keep us alive); we avoid others because they negate what we love. Hate, frustration, fear, sorrow, grief, envy, and jealousy: these emotions arise when something we love and enjoy is emptied out … Continue reading How to Love Without Fear

I Don’t Want to Believe in God

I was raised Roman Catholic. I was even an altar boy for awhile. I was Catholic because my mom was Catholic, and her mom was Catholic and so on. Thankfully, my mom was never dogmatic about religion. She didn't force Catholicism on me because she thought it was the one true path, but because she … Continue reading I Don’t Want to Believe in God