Emptiness as Procedure, Sudden & Gradual Awakening, Advaita & Zen

Yeah, I know... not the catchiest of titles. But, this is an exhausting post, so I figured I'd just lay it all out there. I'm gonna start with the conclusion by saying that you can just skip all of this if you 1) Wish all beings well, and help out however you can, 2) Don't … Continue reading Emptiness as Procedure, Sudden & Gradual Awakening, Advaita & Zen

How Do Emptiness & Buddha-nature Go Together?

How do we reconcile emptiness with the view that we're all Buddhas or that we can all Wake Up? If there's really no us but a vast net of interdependence, then who is that can Wake Up? Who is it that has that potential? It's pretty simple, really...

How We Get Lost in BS

Another way to approach emptiness and mind-only is as attribution-only, or situation-only. Social psychologist penned the term, "Fundamental attribution error," to describe a phenomenon in which we project attributes onto a person's character without taking the situation into account. On the other hand, if we do the same thing they did, we tend to write … Continue reading How We Get Lost in BS

How Can There Be Rebirth If There’s No Self?

Whether you believe in rebirth or not, odds are you've either asked this question, or you've heard someone else ask it. Rebirth makes sense in Hinduism, since Vedanta claims that there's a soul or essence somewhere in the mind and body. When the body dies, this essence takes another based on its karma and desires. … Continue reading How Can There Be Rebirth If There’s No Self?

The Emptiness of Thought

Tanchui once asked Master Farong, "I feel trapped in my life, trapped by these cyclic afflictions. Please, help me break free." Farong replied, "Who is binding you?" After a pause, "No one is binding me." "Where are your chains? Where is the cell?" "There aren't any shackles, and there isn't a cell." "Then how can … Continue reading The Emptiness of Thought

Emptiness on a Leash

It's easy to fly into space when you're wrestling with a view like shunyata (emptiness). I've met more Buddhists than I can count who splatter things like, "Nothing exists, I don't exist, yadda, yadda," all over social media.  Emptiness is an intimidating concept, and that can make it difficult to practice with, but it's possible … Continue reading Emptiness on a Leash