Every Book is About Buddhism

It's been said before by... someone that when you're studying the Dharma, any book will do. I once experienced the teachings firsthand while reading the Samdhinirmocana Sutra; attachment's relationship to dukkha as well. I was sitting at the kitchen table, studying, and I accidentally spilled a cup of tea on the Sutra. The pages were … Continue reading Every Book is About Buddhism

Buddhism is Mysticism

So the Buddhadharma, including early pragmatic Buddhism, is a type of mysticism. In the Theravada Meets Mahayana post, I fiddled with the peripheral of this subject. I'll dive deeper into its cavernous depths here. Mysticism, as Evelyn Underhill saw it, is all about Oneness (or Not Two-ness, as they say in Zen). It's realizing that … Continue reading Buddhism is Mysticism

Life is Meditation

I think it's vital to understand that everything's part of the practice. Even those times when I sway from the Path altogether---that's part of practice as well. It's just like if you focus on the breath and occasionally lose track of it. You realize you've lost it, and then you return to it. Realizing you've … Continue reading Life is Meditation