Everything is A Teacher

Since Buddhism is all about being mindful of fundamental laws of nature, everything teaches the Dharma.  If we look carefully, we can find the entirety of the Buddhist Canon plus every commentary, every YouTube video or podcast, and every poem or essay (both classic and modern) in everything that exists---even imaginary things. It just takes … Continue reading Everything is A Teacher

The Teachings Are Crap

2,600 years ago (give or take a century), a man took a dump. It was an impressive dump. A perfect BM. So perfect that everyone marveled at it and decided to put it in a shoe box for safe keeping. When it dried out, they painted it gold and put it on an altar. They … Continue reading The Teachings Are Crap

Enlightenment Isn’t Complicated

"When the sun sets in the west, does it appear or disappear?" She paused for a moment, staring at me like I was an idiot. She's probably right. "Disappears." "When the sun sets in the West, does it come into existence or cease to exist?" After a genuinely thoughtful pause, she replied, "Neither." "Why?" "Because … Continue reading Enlightenment Isn’t Complicated