Evidence of Mind-Only

The mind-only teachings have been around since the beginning, in the Pali Canon it was called the All.  It's an important teaching because it can help us cling and crave less. It's also a gateway to grokking emptiness in a firsthand, direct, way---which is the point. So, what is the mind? If we're asking from … Continue reading Evidence of Mind-Only

The Heart Sutra, Beaches & Castles

The Heart Sutra is one of the most Buddhisty Buddhist texts, and it's one of the cornerstones of Zen. It's one of the shortest Sutras ever written because it's kind of a summary of all the various Prajnaparamita scriptures (including the Diamond Sutra). It's a popular part of Zen liturgies and serves as a nice … Continue reading The Heart Sutra, Beaches & Castles

Dialogue with Jing Shen

"Look at it," Jing Shen said. "Don't turn away, and don't grab hold of it. Just look. What do you see?" "Jealousy," I replied, with a set jaw and creased brow. "I'm jealous of their friendship. I wish that's what we had. But, she doesn't need me." "How does that feel?" "It hurts." "Is there tension … Continue reading Dialogue with Jing Shen

Humor as an Antidote for Clinging

I can sometimes come off serious in these posts, but I promise you I'm totally not. I dig Buddhism, and I practice diligently, but I don't take it seriously because that'd be like anti-Buddhism. It's hard to see in the dry, repetitive Suttas and the ultra-analytical and psychedelic Sutras, but Buddhadharma comes packaged with a … Continue reading Humor as an Antidote for Clinging