How to Sculpt A Better World Everyone's born with a Dharma toolkit. Everyone. With these tools, we sculpt our worlds and ourselves. But without the necessary skills and knowledge, these tools are used incorrectly, and the sketches we receive are unreadable. Our measurements are off, our proportioning skewed, and our brush strokes are jagged and broad. So we sculpt worlds … Continue reading How to Sculpt A Better World

Buddhism is Mysticism

So the Buddhadharma, including early pragmatic Buddhism, is a type of mysticism. In the Theravada Meets Mahayana post, I fiddled with the peripheral of this subject. I'll dive deeper into its cavernous depths here. Mysticism, as Evelyn Underhill saw it, is all about Oneness (or Not Two-ness, as they say in Zen). It's realizing that … Continue reading Buddhism is Mysticism