Staying Grounded in the Foundations

For the longest time, I didn't make any progress on this Path because I had no foundation. I was leaping from limb to limb like a meth-addled chimpanzee---chasing my tail, and getting distracted by each little leaf. It took disenchantment with Buddhism, a confusing relationship, and the near death experience of a family member to … Continue reading Staying Grounded in the Foundations

I Can See Clearly Now That Dharma’s Gone

I used to think I'd eventually stumble on some paradigm or insight and think, "This is it!" and it, ya know, actually be it. Now, it's apparent that that's never gonna be the case. Views are tools, and even a truth is only as valuable as it is useful. I'm a syncretist. I go deep … Continue reading I Can See Clearly Now That Dharma’s Gone