No-Origin, No-Destination

Lunhui: Where do thoughts originate? Niepan: Their origin is no-origin; their destination is no-destination. That's not just the case for thoughts, but for everything. If you can set aside the idea of beginnings and endings, then you're free. Commentary All these little chats between Niepan and Lunhui are fictional. Lunhui is samsara, and Niepan is … Continue reading No-Origin, No-Destination

Timeless Truth

Time has no hold over what is true. That's the basic teaching. Buddhadharma asks us to set aside fleeting and fairweather truths, and to turn around and look at what remains when we're no longer grasping at a single thing. During meditation, if something's marked by dissatisfaction, we forget it. If something's marked by impermanence, … Continue reading Timeless Truth

Hsin Hsin Ming Part 7 (With Commentary)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Doubts are completely used up,Helpful trust continuously harmonizes. There is nothing to keep,Nothing to reflect upon. Bright emptiness naturally shines,And the mind is effortless. There is nothing to consider,For it's beyond judgments and senses. As for the true Suchness of things,There is no self and no other.To … Continue reading Hsin Hsin Ming Part 7 (With Commentary)

The Heart Sutra: New Translation & Commentary

The Great Wisdom of the Heart-Mind Sutra The Bodhisattva Guanyin Was traveling freely and deeply through Prajna Paramita,Illuminating the Five Aggregates, each was seen as empty,And Guanyin was ferried across the sea of duality, suffering, and hardship.O Shariptura, Appearance is not different from emptiness, Emptiness is not different from appearance; At present, appearance is emptiness,At … Continue reading The Heart Sutra: New Translation & Commentary