Death & Eternal Oblivion

Sometimes, when I wake up after a deep, dreamless sleep, I think, "Thanks for the free sample of nothingness, asshole." I'm not sure who the "asshole" is directed toward. Old habits from my God worshiping days, perhaps. I miss God sometimes; God gives us something to scream at. Thinking about eternal oblivion the second you … Continue reading Death & Eternal Oblivion

Living with the Void (Meaning & Mental Illness)

Buddhism doesn't have a monopoly on emptiness. When it sailed across the Pacific and set up shop in the West, it found itself in a land with its own views and temperaments toward absence. To keep the dialogue going, we can't just bring Zen to the West, we also have to bring the West to … Continue reading Living with the Void (Meaning & Mental Illness)

Niutou Farong on Meditation

I recently translated Farong's Xin Ming (Song of Mind). Unlike the Xinxin Ming, I'm not gonna post that one online, because I'm probably gonna put them both in a book, and I've been told that it's unwise to blog everything you're putting in a book since then people have no reason to buy it haha. … Continue reading Niutou Farong on Meditation