What is Original Enlightenment?

Original. Authentic. Genuine. Enlightenment, awakening, wisdom, clarity, prajna, bodhi, freedom, truth... You can pick whichever word combination gets your rocks off, they all point to the same thing: you. Buddha-nature is one of the fundamental teachings in Zen. If you had to select only one teaching to go with, this would be the frontrunner. It's … Continue reading What is Original Enlightenment?

How Do Emptiness & Buddha-nature Go Together?

How do we reconcile emptiness with the view that we're all Buddhas or that we can all Wake Up? If there's really no us but a vast net of interdependence, then who is that can Wake Up? Who is it that has that potential? It's pretty simple, really...

How Can There Be Rebirth If There’s No Self?

Whether you believe in rebirth or not, odds are you've either asked this question, or you've heard someone else ask it. Rebirth makes sense in Hinduism, since Vedanta claims that there's a soul or essence somewhere in the mind and body. When the body dies, this essence takes another based on its karma and desires. … Continue reading How Can There Be Rebirth If There’s No Self?

What’s the Best Attitude for Meditation?

The Sutras often ask us to have a maternal attitude toward things, including meditation. Approaching meditation with a stern, analytical, or goal-oriented mindset is as counterproductive as nodding off or daydreaming---maybe even more so. Goal-oriented meditating can fool us into thinking we get it when we really don't. Really, that thought, "I get it!" is … Continue reading What’s the Best Attitude for Meditation?

Impermanence & the Buddha Placebo

All the world's adrift, like an empty boat on an endless sea. And not just the world. Galaxies. Universes. Cells. Even black holes. All that moves in time and space. It's not a wild drift. It turns like a clock face, perpetuating an uninterrupted cycle of rise, stabilize, decline, dissolve and re-arising. Inside and out … Continue reading Impermanence & the Buddha Placebo