We Are Not Self-Aware

Most animals don't seem to have much self-awareness. They just see, hear, feel, want, fear, love, hate, and take the shortest, most direct path to their incentives. They just live. It seems like humans are different. We don't just see, but we know that we see. We know that we hear, feel, want, fear, love, etc. … Continue reading We Are Not Self-Aware

It’s Not Just About Being Present

I was reading an article by someone who attended an SN Goenka Vipassana retreat in the Himalayas. The article was about what it means to be Awake. The author asked us to focus on the breath for a few minutes. If we drift away from the breath into a daydream, or if we're distracted by … Continue reading It’s Not Just About Being Present

Meditation is a Prism for a Self Like Light

It's like this: We have a beam of white light. Well, that's how it appears, anyway. Then we hold up a prism, and a full array of colors come shooting out the other side. Anatta (not-self) is just like that. It seems like there's someone in our bodies and minds running the show, like the … Continue reading Meditation is a Prism for a Self Like Light

Emptiness: Don’t Get Carried Away

It's easy to get carried away with emptiness. I've met a lot of emptiness fanatics trolling the FB Buddha halls. I used to call them Zen Bastards, but I try not to be such an insufferable prick these days. But emptiness fixation is a very real danger. It can suck you into some pretty desolate … Continue reading Emptiness: Don’t Get Carried Away