It isn’t crowded enough around here, so I’d like to open Salty Dharma up to other voices.

Each Saturday & Sunday I’m accepting submissions for poems and articles about Buddhism, Taoism, and meditation. Education and autobiography are the most common genres for articles here. Poems can be any style as long as there’s an Eastern Wisdom message to them.

If I like your piece, I’ll include it in an entry along with any links you have to your blog or website. If you’ve already shared your poem or post on WordPress, just send me a link and if I dig it, I’ll reblog it.

They’ll all be published or reblogged here on the first and last Wednesday of each month. Please send submissions to

I only accept submissions on the weekend, all submissions sent during the week will be coldly disregarded haha.

This is a small blog with a dedicated readership. If you’d like a larger audience, feel free to send articles on Buddhism, Yoga, Taoism, mindfulness, meditation, etc. to The Tattooed Buddha Does Not Accept Poetry, so please, articles only there. Please include a short bio and mugshot with your submission to TTB. Preferred article length is between 500 and 1,000 words, and TTB is open to submissions all the time.

Happy writing everyone!
– John

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