Downgrading the Blog

You might notice that things look a little more basic around here. That's because I've downgraded Salty Dharma to the free plan. Since I'm an unemployed writer, and this site wasn't generating any revenue, it didn't make sense to keep pay in $100 a year for it. And, honestly, I'm nearing a point now where … Continue reading Downgrading the Blog

Stop Trying to Meditate

There's meditation, and then there are methods that help us meditate. It's easy to get stuck on the methods because they seem to improve our lives. They can calm us down, bliss us out, and clear things up. But all that's beside the point. Really, methods give us something else to cling to. They're a … Continue reading Stop Trying to Meditate

What’s Affliction & How Do I Deal With It?

The mind is like an inn with one door. When the mind's functioning properly, guests check in, stay for a night, and then check out without fucking up the place. When the mind's malfunctioning, that's like locking the door. New guests can't enter, and old guests can't leave. Then they start trashing the place. Thoughts, … Continue reading What’s Affliction & How Do I Deal With It?

Practice is No-Practice

There's no need to practice in some special way. Life is the practice. If we learn just to live, then everything else is naturally taken care of. The Six Perfections, the Factors for Enlightenment, and Bodhidharma's wordless wisdom are all already present. What doesn't belong to you will all be taken in an instant, leaving … Continue reading Practice is No-Practice

Why Are Samsara & Nirvana the Same?

Samsara is cycles and patterns our minds get stuck in; nirvana is the absence of those cycles and patterns. With samsara, we tend to live on autopilot at the mercy of conditioning. "If x happens, then perform y. If x doesn't happen, then don't perform y." We sacrifice everything that's original and true to use … Continue reading Why Are Samsara & Nirvana the Same?