How to Sculpt A Better World

Everyone’s born with a Dharma toolkit. Everyone. With these tools, we sculpt our worlds and ourselves. But without the necessary skills and knowledge, these tools are used incorrectly, and the sketches we receive are unreadable. Our measurements are off, our proportioning skewed, and our brush strokes are jagged and broad. So we sculpt worlds and […]

How to See What Isn’t There

LSD is the quickest, easiest option. But, it’s illegal, somewhat hard to come by, unreliable, and only offers temporary, conditional glimpses. The point of formless Samatha is to investigate something that can’t be investigated—your own absence. In Vipassana, what we’re really doing is looking for ourselves in all phenomena. We’re looking at thoughts, views, feelings, […]

Teacher Tips: How to Interact with Students

The old model for Buddhist teachers isn’t really suited for Western society. The old model paints teachers as aloof authority figures who are either only concerned with a student’s practice, or they pose abstract riddles and are only concerned with the student answering them in a visceral, spontaneous way. They lay down the law and […]

If the I is Just A Thought, Then Who’s the Thinker?

If the mind is like a cloth, and all experiences (including the experience of self) are folds and wrinkles in it, then who’s folding the cloth? This is what we identify with, ya know? If we just identified as a fold—a product of the mind—from the get-go, then there’d be no problem. Instead, this fold […]