The Present Moment & Emptiness

When we talk about emptiness, we’re talking about the present moment as well. The present is always empty of everything but itself, its nature—which is our nature too. It’s empty of thought, because the second we finish a complete thought, the moment has already gone through dozens of transformations. Whenever something changes, that’s the moment […]

Announcement: Two Members Enter the Sangha

Announcement: The Morning Sky Zen Sangha has received two new members, JingShen (John Pendall) and JingDa (Duane Toops). ? Upasaka Jing Shen (John Pendall) Upasaka Jing Da (Duane Toops) The Morning Sky Zen Sangha is happy to announce the acceptance of JingShen and JingDa. Mirror of Spirit and Mirror of Attainment They have received Refuge…