How the West Fudges the Three Marks of Existence

The Three Marks of Existence are the backbone of Vipassana meditation, and they're one of the tenets that set Buddhism apart from Jainism and Hinduism.  The Three Marks are suffering, impermanence, and not-self. Cheery, right? Basically, life is marked by suffering because everything that appears disappears (impermanence). If we're not privy to this disappearing act, … Continue reading How the West Fudges the Three Marks of Existence

Spud Zen: Enlightenment & Potatoes

I posted on FB yesterday, "If I made a Zen school whose view was, 'Everything's a potato,' would anyone be interested?" It was a joke, of course. But I'm a serious joker.  Zen is, beneath all the various labels, about nonduality. Taoism, older Mahayana schools, Advaita Vedanta, and even some theistic religions deal with nonduality … Continue reading Spud Zen: Enlightenment & Potatoes

The Three Types of Meditation

So, yeah I know, there are a lot more than three. But we can pretty much clump them all into three categories: Focus, open-focus, and no-focus. The main difference between them is that in focus meditation you're taking one thing and making it into everything; in open-focus meditation, you're taking everything and making it into one … Continue reading The Three Types of Meditation