The Faceless Bell-Ringing Monk (Fiction)

Wei'ling was an off-the-map village in ancient China, but it had one feature that set it apart: the silent, faceless, bell-ringing monk. The movement gradually formed over several months. It all started one morning when, out of the blue, a slight monk walked slowly through town, striking a small bell every tenth step. The monk's … Continue reading The Faceless Bell-Ringing Monk (Fiction)

Dialogue with Jing Shen

"Look at it," Jing Shen said. "Don't turn away, and don't grab hold of it. Just look. What do you see?" "Jealousy," I replied, with a set jaw and creased brow. "I'm jealous of their friendship. I wish that's what we had. But, she doesn't need me." "How does that feel?" "It hurts." "Is there tension … Continue reading Dialogue with Jing Shen