Journey to the Loony Bin {Part Three}

"So, I just sat there for hours and hours---waiting. Nothing ever happened; the train never came." Her arms were wrapped from shoulder to wrist. We sat there in the common area displaying our war-wounds; battle-scars accumulated in the struggle against ourselves. "I found out later that those tracks had been abandoned for years." Like any … Continue reading Journey to the Loony Bin {Part Three}

How Did Our Minds Get So Screwed Up?

The noteworthy problem that kick starts all of our other problems isn't all that problematic in the long run. It's a simple mistake made by all sentient beings to some extent. The issue is that we base our identities in unstable hands---namely our own. It starts with perception, when the mind perceives the figure (Gestalts, … Continue reading How Did Our Minds Get So Screwed Up?

Shore Leave from Shadowland

We were in the break room. They were on break, I was already done with mine, but I was in an insubordinate mood. Her brother offered me some Jolly Ranchers. We were discussing the merits of various flavors when he said, "You can give it back if you don't like it, you won't hurt my … Continue reading Shore Leave from Shadowland

The Heart of Enlightenment

The heart of enlightenment is twofold: Clear seeing and complete understanding. These two are really not two; they depend on each other. If there's clear seeing without complete understanding, then that's like a person hallucinating the full moon on a new moon night. They might see the moon clearly with all of its canyons and … Continue reading The Heart of Enlightenment

A Lineage of Suffering

I belong to a lineage of suffering. It stretches far, far back into pre-history. This lineage is defined by depression, anxiety, obsessions, delusions, and hallucinations. It's a lineage of mental illness. It's passed down through families, and actualized through experiences. I have cyclothymia, also called Bipolar Disorder III. Well, that's the diagnosis anyway and it … Continue reading A Lineage of Suffering