You’re Not Your Inner Monologue

We all have an inner monologue; that persistent stream of thought that spills from our mouths as words, and even spills over into our dreams. It's imperative to know that this monologue isn't us, and we can prove to ourselves it isn't us. Just for one second, stop reading and then---in the middle of a … Continue reading You’re Not Your Inner Monologue

Growth Means Changing Routines

We could easily take sanskara (the 4th aggregate/2nd link of whatever) and translate it as "routines."  Routines are everything in life. These simple actions of body and mind wear traces through time. What began as a single step turns into a well-worn path that we follow without a second thought. Routines govern everything from our … Continue reading Growth Means Changing Routines

Is the Mind Different From the Brain?

What a weird fuckin' question, right? I mean, who even asks things like that? Like most unasked questions, it's somewhat important. No one really knows what the mind is, isn't that strange? Even scientists don't really know. We know shit tons about the brain, and we know that the mind is related to the brain, … Continue reading Is the Mind Different From the Brain?