Illuminating the Ground Meditation

照底心直觀禪 Zhao xindi zhiguan chan. It's simpler than it sounds. This is a great exercise for anyone who's preoccupied with their thoughts and feelings. I'm a huge fan of the Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment's scheme, that practice begins with an Awakening. Before then, we're just kind of putting all the pieces in place that we … Continue reading Illuminating the Ground Meditation

Timeless Truth

Time has no hold over what is true. That's the basic teaching. Buddhadharma asks us to set aside fleeting and fairweather truths, and to turn around and look at what remains when we're no longer grasping at a single thing. During meditation, if something's marked by dissatisfaction, we forget it. If something's marked by impermanence, … Continue reading Timeless Truth

The Mind is A Clearing

A clearing in forest, a batch of light bathing the bare patch of grass. You find places like that, scattered here and there in the woods, existing without any good reason to. They're just there, open spaces. Fields, groves, and meadows. They're decent impromptu pastures for rabbits and deer, since they're usually overflowing with tall, … Continue reading The Mind is A Clearing

Immersion Meditation

Relax, observe, immerse. That's the practice in a nutshell. Some people try to skip the relaxation step, but that makes it more difficult to observe something completely and without bias. And it makes it impossible to immerse ourselves in what we're observing. Any relaxation method is fine, but I recommend one you can use on … Continue reading Immersion Meditation

One Action Practice

One thing at a time. That's the path to a simple life and a straightforward mind (not-two). Instead of multitasking, instead of our minds jumping rapidly from this to that, or trying to balance this, that, and the other thing simultaneously---we're living one step at a time. Even when we're not multitasking, we're usually still … Continue reading One Action Practice

All About Non-Grasping

All the teachings are just reasons to not grasp at or onto things. The methods are ways to let us see those reasons directly, or to give us the courage to not grasp. The grasping mind is what's at work behind all our problems. Grasping links things together that aren't naturally bound up. I have … Continue reading All About Non-Grasping