Hsin Hsin Ming Part 7 (With Commentary)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Doubts are completely used up,Helpful trust continuously harmonizes. There is nothing to keep,Nothing to reflect upon. Bright emptiness naturally shines,And the mind is effortless. There is nothing to consider,For it's beyond judgments and senses. As for the true Suchness of things,There is no self and no other.To … Continue reading Hsin Hsin Ming Part 7 (With Commentary)

Hsin Hsin Ming Part 6

Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five If the heart-mind doesn't separate things,The ten thousand things are as-if-one. In the mysterious experience of as-if-one,Cut off and forget cause, reason, karma, and fate. When the ten thousand things are beheld as equal and altogether,You return to, and are cared for, by your original nature. Let the cause … Continue reading Hsin Hsin Ming Part 6

Hsin Hsin Ming Part 3

Part One, Part Two You need not seek the truth, Just stop chasing appearances Without dwelling in divided appearances,Take care to not seek. In one moment of right and wrong,The upright mind is lost in confusion Two follows from the existence of one,But don't guard even the one In the One Mind there is no … Continue reading Hsin Hsin Ming Part 3