Buddhism Explained via Space-Time (Teaching)

Space-time. Buddhism. Why not? We can easily take the Three Marks (Suffering, impermanence, not-self) and adapt them to that model. Whenever we view something as separate from space-time, there’s suffering. When we view things as isolated from space-time, we make them into something very small and fragile. A person is tiny and short-lived. But space-time […]

Dripping Sky & A Visit to the Vet

The car’s brakes whistle through the drizzling night like some kinda solitary bird, echoing across the blacktop and against the imitation-granite building. I’m standing in the closed pharmacy drive-through, vaping away my lunch hour. Zero nicotine. I quit smoking at the beginning of the year, but in some ways, we are our habits. A suped-up […]