This blog is a living example of impermanence—as am I, in general.

I’ve had many different names over the years, and this blog has had a few different ones too; I’m sure it’ll have a few more, since “Salty Dharma” doesn’t really fit my current disposition.

I might eventually just find a simple, meaningless name for it and then stick with that. That’s the problem with meaningful names: as things change, the meanings don’t fit anymore. Now, a stupid, meaningless name—that has the potential to last.

Anyway, I’m a featured columnist & editor for the Tattooed Buddha, podcast host, poet, musician, composer, and self-published author. I practice Tsaotung Chan with the Morning Sky Zen hermitage, my Dharma name is Upasaka Jing Shen. I’m not currently offering personalized Dharma teachings, but I’m more than happy to be a Dharma friend to anyone.


  1. “no reason you should care about me, … but … uh ….” LMAO

    I care about you a great deal. In fact, I care about you about as much as a person can care for another. Uh.

    I really like the name Outer Way. It’s got a thusness about it; it’s liminal. Good for you, Mr. Pendall. Hugs.

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