I’m a featured columnist & editor for the Tattooed Buddha, podcast host, poet, musician, composer, self-published author, psychology undergrad, owner of the philosophy publishing company Dharma Scraps, and I’ve been practicing Buddhism for five years.

I practice Reform Chan with the Morning Sky Zen hermitage, my Dharma name is Upasaka Jing Shen. I’m also an empath and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder III (Cyclothymia), so a lot of the Buddhist topics I touch on are geared toward those crowds.

The entries in this blog tend to alternate between theoretical Zen and applied Zen (more autobiographical works). Feel free to contact me and thanks for visiting!


  1. “no reason you should care about me, … but … uh ….” LMAO

    I care about you a great deal. In fact, I care about you about as much as a person can care for another. Uh.

    I really like the name Outer Way. It’s got a thusness about it; it’s liminal. Good for you, Mr. Pendall. Hugs.

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