You Have It Too: Suffering & Buddhahood

A monk asked Fayan, “What’s the central teaching in Buddhism?”
Fayan said, “You have it too.”

You have it too. That feels nice, doesn’t it? Just thinking it over and over does something wonderful. You have it too. But what is it?

Buddha-nature is the easy, intellectual answer, but I think it goes deeper than that. If I look at what’s happening right now and ask, “What is it?” then the answer’s right there. It’s the mind, it’s contact, it’s feeling. It’s joy, suffering, love, anger, fear, hope, and yearning. It’s all these contradictions and mental backflips we make over the years. It’s emptiness and change.

When we meet someone, we’re only meeting the tiniest part of who they are. We’re meeting the seeds that have been watered by experiences. But, in the end, we all have the same seeds. The best and worst things people have ever done, we can do them too, they’re in us as potential. They are us.

You have it too. What is it? It’s everything. It’s everything.

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