Impermanence is the Way

We’re all literally a few words or one simple action away from changing almost everything about our lives.

Sunyata theories aside, that’s the real void we live with. It’s both intriguing and terrifying, and it’s always there. That pure potential, that unknown chaos and upheaval.

And it requires very little effort. For instance, how many times has, “I love you” shifted the orbits of two people’s worlds? How many random decisions like, “I’m gonna take a walk,” or, “I’m gonna read this book on Buddhism,” have totally altered people’s lives?

Alterity is the way. Even now I’m becoming someone new. Best to embrace it, I’d say.

Each moment is tight rope walk, always on the delicate razor’s edge of is, was, and will be, of known and unknown, being and emptiness. Poised, clear, the clouds open up. Forget the moon, the sky is full of stars. If I could turn around and see my eyes, they’d be reflected there too.

Fixation is the only true sin, because it’s the only thing we do that’s truly out of tune with reality. It’s the source of all affliction. Without dwelling on things, the skies clear by themselves, the eyes see by themselves. And from moment to moment, what is is gone before it can even be named. Calling it wonderful is saying too much.

I just have to see that there’s no mind. That what I call my mind never lingers, and never strives. There’s simply no time for such things. Seeking stability causes suffering. But if there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s change.

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