Another Monday (Poem)

The air is steak, or at least that’s how it smells.
His chair creaks, and beer’s bitter refuge washes work away.
Another Monday at the table,
Another moment of bliss.

Charred flesh and cigarettes, and Valium softened sounds.
Her eyes fall on his greasy chin, and her mind travels.
How did we get her? Is this how it’s supposed to be?
Another Monday at the table.

Bite-sized glimpses of heaven rest next to a pile of loathsome greens.
Today Maggie brought her puppy to class,
He was so cute! Can we get a dog?
Another moment of bliss.

I once stood tall, with my arms open to sky.
My feet hugged the Earth, and friends nested in my branches.
Long ago, fresh air and rain. Now I sit, stuck and stained.
Another Monday as a table.

No, we’re not getting a dog. They just piss on everything.
Barking, shitting, chewing on furniture.
And who pays the vet bill? No one else is working.
Another moment of bliss.

Roger, don’t swear around Delilah.
His eyes fall dead in his face. Who is this man?
I remember when his touch was electric, now I can’t help but flinch.
Another Monday at the table.

Piss! Piss! Piss! Hahaha.
The golden light of youth obscuring hard edges,
Open mind, there’s nothing but this.
Another moment of bliss.

A wet rag and glass clattering.
Turning out the light I used to eat.
Another Monday as a table.
Another moment of bliss.

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