No Obstacle

Lunhui: How do I stop misinterpreting the teachings?
Niepan: Stop trying to interpret them.
Lunhui: If I don’t interpret them, how will I understand and Wake Up? 
Niepan: The first obstacle is thinking that Awakening is something outside yourself, something that you don’t already have that you need to seek out and understand. The second obstacle, is believing that there’s a first obstacle. Just practice seeing attainment as no-attainment, obstacles as no-obstacles, the teachings as no-teachings, and understanding and misunderstanding as no-understanding, and no-misunderstanding. 
Lunhui: How do I do that? 
Niepan: Sitting, standing, walking, or lying down, don’t pick anything up or set anything down. Let the mind flow without you, the world turn without you. Respond to things naturally, and don’t make a home in emptiness.

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