I Am Everywhere (Poem by Quantum Preceptor)

I am everywhere

I am the shine in gold and the glitter of diamonds. 
I am the fresh new green in a springtime leaf. 
I am the deep blue in a cloudless sky. 
I am the crispness in an autumn breeze.
I am the warmth in the smile of a loved one.
I bring change, newness, and meaning.

You will find me when you look deep inside and when you quieten your thoughts and wants.

I am eternal joy and all-encompassing bliss. 
I am the potential in every second.
I am the energy all around us.
I am the depth of all the oceans.
I am the distance to the furthest of stars.
I bring peace, love, and equanimity.

You will find me in the stillness of every moment and in the awareness of one-pointed attention. 

I am everything between and beyond the extremes of light and dark.
I am closer than you can imagine.
I am the wisdom of all the ages.
I am all that anyone can know.
I am the recognition of all that is important.
I bring understanding, sharpness, and clarity.

You will find me when you are not looking and where you never thought I would be. 

I am destruction and creation
I am brighter than a thousand suns
I am instantly recognizable
I am unforgettable
I bring all that there is to bring and nothing more is needed 

I am nothing and I am everything
I am beyond a beginning
I am the never-ending end
I am all there is to be and not to be
I am simply that which is

I bring wisdom that is there when you’re quiet enough not to think or to speak.

I am mind.

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