The Essence of Change

The person reading this word isn’t the same person who’s reading this one. If it was the same person, then it’d be the same word.

When we can see this clearly, this, “Seeing it clearly,” is the True Person. The moment doesn’t leave anyone behind, and it offers no set path ahead. The path is wherever our feet happen to be.

Suffering comes from ignoring this. When we think that we’re the same, or that other people and things are the same, then we’re gonna cling to them as if they are. Then, when change becomes glaringly obvious, we’re knocked flat by it.

We live in a liquid world as liquid people doing liquid things which influence the shape that the world, others, and ourselves take.

Whenever we solidify someone or something, we suffer because we’re ignoring the way things are. We get lost in knowledge, and this makes us gloss over the obvious nature of our experiences. Like anything that’s obvious, we take it for granted. In this case, taking it for granted strips away the small amount of creative freedom we have over our lives.

Emptiness is the principle of limitless creativity. Nothing is fixed, nothing is stagnant, isolated, or solid. In one moment, one flash of insight, we can change the whole world by changing our worldview.

If we don’t have creative control of ourselves, then we turn that over to the situation we’re in. We live at the mercy of chance. As the years go by, almost everything about us is a secondhand creation inherited from one situation after another. Molded by patterns.

That’s what happens when we forget the True Person, when we see ourselves and the world as something frozen.

The True Person is just a permanent view of impermanence, an independent gaze at interdependence. Moment by moment, I am this, whatever this happens to be.

Sitting quietly, I’m Me-Sitting-Quietly. Speaking, I’m Me-Speaking. These aren’t the same person, because there’s no such thing as a thing apart from what it’s doing, and even doing nothing is doing something.

Yet they’re also not different people, because each moment of me occupies a common ground, the unaltered Being, or illumination, of beings.

We can’t get hung up on the word, “Being,” though. If we do, then we’ll have to tear it down with Non-Being, and who wants to do that? If we can steer clear of making it into a dogma and just see Suchness or Being as an emotive placeholder, then we’ll be fine.

The same goes for the True Person, that’s just a phrase. A pointing finger. In this case, the middle finger.

As we study ourselves and our experiences (not-two), we can also study Being, because Being is always present in everything we observe. Being doesn’t belong to things, though, it’s just the mind.

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