There are no obstacles
To being who you are

You greet yourself wherever you go
And find yourself with every breath

The answer is right where the questions is asked
Without leaving this room, all of space and time
Are revealed

Simply see that you are Buddha
Simply see that this is Nirvana

Outside yourself, there’s no Buddha to be heard
Outside yourself, no Nirvana to uncover

For as the ancients said, “Just this mind is Buddha.”
And all Buddhas dwell in Nirvana

All beings seek Nirvana
Toiling for lasting peace in fleeting appearances

Nirvana has no appearance, so it cannot disappear
In looking for peace we create the world
In looking for peace we create suffering

Turn about on the spot!
Namo Fotuo! Who’s chanting?

Then the shadows will turn to pink lotus petals
And cascade across the world like sweet spring rain

You must do it yourself
There’s not a second person

No boundaries, all is forgiven
What is cannot be any other way

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