Whenever we get too big for our britches, we suffer.

It’s like we look at life the same way we look at the board game Life. Spin the wheel, move a few squares, get a card. Spin the wheel, move a few squares, get a card…

But real life is different than that because there aren’t any squares. We’re always just where we are, who we are, doing what we’re doing, and that’s it. Life isn’t actually a game, there’s no winning or losing. But if we play it like a game, there is winning and losing in our minds.

If there’s winning and losing, we lose. We lose everything. Over and over again.

The whole foundation of feeling like it’s, “One step forward, two steps back,” depends on the belief that there are steps or someone who’s stepping. If we can just see through one of those things, we see through them both because they depend on each other.

It’s a cliche, but the only way to win is not to play. Not by quitting the game—because that’s part of the game—but by saying, “There is no game, there’s never been a game.”

Square None means embodying whatever appears as it appears, and always being mindful of not getting carried away by our imagination.

There’s no game. If someone calls my name, I respond. If the light turns red, I stop. If it’s cold outside, I put on a coat. If the cardinal sings, I listen. This is Square None. It’s too simple to understand. But when we’re there, we can feel it. Then, not only are we not playing the world’s games, but we’re no longer forcing our games on the world.

We’re neither building our own monuments, nor asking others to build theirs according to our specifications. When asked why we’re not building monuments anymore, all we can say is, “Because they fall.” At Square None, nothing falls. Nothing rises. There’s just a clear gemstone casting refracted beams of light.

It’s really as simple as not living in the past, letting a memory be a memory, not a destiny. The truth of the moment changes with the moment, there’s no carry over, no next square or last square. A belief is just a belief, a feeling just a feeling. If we can let things be as they are, then we can be as we are.

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