A Sudden Sight (Short)

One thought is the difference between heaven and hell. One feeling, one memory, one glance and the mind spins on its axis. 

A series of ripples, sparks in the cortex trail off like embers stolen from a fire by a sudden breeze. I saw her face, and the world shook. Not much to look at, but so much to see. She can’t be captured by snapshots. Who can be  really? Foolish heart, I’ve put you through so much this year.

It could never have been, yet I chose to feel; I still do. In such a callous world, feeling is rebellion. It keeps the fire alive. The Taoists said we should stamp it out like damp ashes. What do they know? Another trip for me to take.

I won’t say that these thoughts and feelings are impermanent, even as I see them pass. I won’t say awareness is permanent even as it lingers unphased. I won’t say that appearances are only appearances or that or all is really Mind. Such things have no footing in the heart.

I’ll only say that the first Two Truths (suffering and its cause) are about being mindful of what’s on our minds, and the second two (freedom from suffering and the Path) are mindfulness of the mind itself. We each have to do this our own way because our baggage is the Way.

Difficult times, my friends. Detox from joy. Stumbling along without a staff, bowl, or robe – Buddhas laugh from nowhere.


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