Something Looks Different Around Here

It definitely does; you’ve got a great eye for detail. John’s Mind is now, officially, “Salty Dharma.”

My entire approach to practice has changed recently, so I thought it’d be fitting if this blog reflected that.

I was gonna go with “Red Rock Dharma,” but, I don’t know, it just didn’t totally jive with me. Then, emerging from the web of causes and conditions, salty arose, and I just went with it.

It totally embodies the intentions behind my writing and practice these days. Webster says salty can refer to a, “Language or humor that’s down-to-earth, or coarse.” Also, for several years, I’ve kinda hugged two idioms together: “Salt of the earth, sweat of the brow.”

Salt of the earth: An English phrase referring to a person who is thoroughly decent.
Sweat of the brow: The effort expended in labor, and the value created thereby.

Together, the two would mean something like, “One who labors to be a decent person, and thus find value in life.” I don’t think I had the definitions in mind when I merged the two, though—I just liked how they sounded together.

Another idiom I kinda tossed into the header is, “Speaking softly and carrying a big stick.” That kinda describes the way I relate to others (if they’re asking me for practice tips) and myself. The idiom represents the tone of this revamped blog as a whole, and it started surfacing in the Working with Habitual Thoughts post. That was the first thing I wrote after derailing my inner-monologue.

Salty Dharma is mostly about early Buddhist teachings. I don’t accept all of them, of course, it’s good to be critical. But, I’m too unorthodox to be a through-and-through Theravadin, and too orthodox to be a Secular Buddhist. This blog is also dedicated to solo practitioners and introverts—like me.

This blog’s still a work-in-progress (as am I), so you might see some more changes here and there throughout the week. Besides migrating the poetry elsewhere, and changing the domain name and header image, I updated the About page and ditched the music page.

It’s possible that, further down the road, Salty Dharma might become a legit website with this blog tucked into it, but we’ll see. Anyway, thank you all for following and reading these scribbles.

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