Speculative Non-Buddhism

[Adam Greenfield’s most recent dispatch from London helps us think about the issue of practice that is so important to readers of this blog. Go here to subscribe to Adam Greenfield’s occasional dispatches.]



A Dispatch from Adam Greenfield*

As I so often do, I found myself in a bookstore the other day, this one a branch of Rizzoli tucked into a Somerset House hallway.

What did I find there? Books on hygge and books on lagom. Books on beekeeping and books on silence. Books on the Japanese art of decluttering. Books that told you just how and where to buy the furniture and accessories that would help you establish a mindful space in your home.

Books that promised to teach you the practice of mindful drawing, or singing. Mindful baking and mindful gardening.

Woodworking books. Pottery books. Books about making things. About craft, craftsmanship, craeft.

Books with photographs:…

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